Todo Parrillas is an Argentine company that manufactures pre-molded concrete grills, portable charcoal grills, grill racks, and all kinds of grill accessories.

We have the experience and tools to offer a wide variety of sales services abroad. We work with both final consumers and corporate clients.

  • Portable charcoal Grill

    The highest quality angle iron profiles, worked with a great level of detail. ideal for fundamentalists of the barbecue ritual and lovers of quebracho and wood fires.

  • Barba

    We are constantly changing and developing new products offering the highest quality down to the smallest detail through our own and exclusive designs. Strong, tested, comfortable and practical grills

  • QBO

    Innovation cubed. Grill with lower cabinet and lid made of sheet metal. Different from where you look at it.

  • Flama Gas

    Gas grill: these high-quality, portable grills are easy and practical to move around and to clean.

  • Rack Structures
    /Custom Projects

    We manufacture the highest quality internal grill racks. We offer standard models and make custom designs.

Points of sale
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Álvarez Thomas 1200
  • 4552-8558
  • Caseros (Argentina)
  • Av. Marcelo T. de Alvear 2645
  • 4750-2955

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